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If you want better light blocking than these blinds, you'll need to brick up your windows. Traditional roller blinds let plenty of light around the fabric, but since the ScreenAway mechanism captures the fabric inside a housing, it blocks almost all of the light.

Normal roller blinds also have cords which can be dangerous to young kids and need to be tethered to the wall. ScreenAway's mechanism is fully self-contained, eliminating the need for cords and the associated danger, giving a sleek modern finish.

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    About Our Blinds.

    ScreenAway's retractable blind system is a total solution, offering either opaque shading or fantastic room darkening qualities. With no exposed cords or pulleys, it is extemely safe and neat in appearance. The blind fabric is sealed within the frame on all sides, preventing light, heating or cooling from easily getting around the edges. Benefits and features of ScreenAway Retractable Blinds:

    • Sensational room darkening qualities (when specified)
    • User Friendly
    • Specifically designed for windows and skylights
    • Clean windows easily
    • Easily maintained
    • Made to measure
    • No bulky components makes for neat and tidy appearance
    • ¬†Enjoy unobstructed views (KeepView!)
    • No dangerous cords or cables to get tangled in
    • Revolutionary pulley system

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