Care & Maintenance for Amplimesh

How should I care for my Amplimesh Security products?

Cleaning: Cleaning your aluminium frame is crucial. Depending on your proximity to salt air or industrial emissions, cleaning at intervals between 2 weeks and 4 months will be required. Usually this involves using clean water, mild detergent and never any abrasive pads, then rinsing with clean water.

For more information see this page.

How do I choose between Amplimesh® Supascreen® and Intrudaguard® ?

Supascreen® is our premium product with higher performance. Intrudaguard® is still a quality product, but designed for the budget conscious buyer. Both pass all relevant Australian Security Standards.

  • Benefits

  • icon-styles-material.svgMaterial

    316 marine grade stainless steel

    5052 marine grade aluminium

  • icon-styles-marine-grade.svgMarine Grade

  • icon-styles-cost-range.svgCost Range



  • Warranty

    16 year warranty, Australia-wide

    10 year warranty, Australia-wide

  • icon-styles-viewing-angle.svgViewing Angle

    156 Degrees

    125 Degrees

  • icon-styles-screen-aperture.svgScreen Aperture



  • icon-styles-ventilation.svgVentilation – Air Flow



  • icon-styles-bal-rating.svgBAL Rating (Bushfire Attack Level)



  • icon-styles-custom-colours.svgCustom Colours

  • icon-styles-impact-resistant.svgAustralian Standard AS5039
    Approved and Tested

  • icon-styles-intruder-resistant.svgIntruder Resistant

  • icon-styles-triple-lock.svgTriple-lock locking system

  • icon-styles-uv-protection.svgUV Protection & WERS tested

  • icon-styles-insect-protection.svgInsect Protection

  • icon-styles-knife-shear.svgKnife Shear Test Pass

  • icon-styles-cyclonic-region.svgCyclonic Region Suitable

  • icon-styles-bushfire-suitable.svgBushfire Region Suitable

  • icon-styles-fall-prevention.svgFall Prevention Suitable

  • icon-styles-manufactured-australia.svgManufactured in Australia

  • icon-styles-free-measure.svgFree measure and quote

  • icon-styles-custom-made.svgCustom made for you

  • icon-styles-professionally-installed.svgProfessionally installed

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We cover all of the greater Melbourne area. We may not be available in every suburb every day, but with your help to grow our business, that is our aim.

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