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If you're like us and don't like looking at flyscreens when your windows are closed, then ScreenAway flat mesh retractable screens are an elegant solution to the problem. Simply hide them away all winter, or on those windy days when you shut your windows.

The mechanism is intuitive and doesn't have springs which require strength when opening or closing the screen.

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    About Our Retractable Screens

    ScreenAway retractable screens offer an attractive, innovative, user friendly flyscreen that allows easy window cleaning at affordable prices. Never look through a flyscreen when you don't want to ever again.

    • Only see the screen when in use
    • User Friendly
    • Specifically designed for windows and skylights
    • Clean windows easily
    • Easily maintained
    • Made to measure
    • No bulky components makes for neat and tidy appearance
    •  Enjoy unobstructed views (KeepView!)
    • No dangerous cords or cables to get tangled in
    • Revolutionary pulley system

    Our customers love our range!

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